Acquire with Confidence

Let your buy-side deal team collaborate easily. Design the index to suit your approach to due diligence – not the seller’s. And unearth findings through the intuitive dashboard.

Keep your buy-side due diligence on track with Datasite.

Due Diligence Your Way

Create the index you want sellers to follow. Load deal files fast. And receive alerts when new documents become available. Then transfer important files to your private data room with a single click.

Sharpen Deal Team Oversight

Keep the entire deal team in the loop, with all project information in one place. Get an overview of all findings with analytics through your dashboard. Alert users when new documents are available. And identify who’s mentioned them in comments.

Buy-side Controls

Collaborate effectively across buy-side deal teams, advisors and third-party service providers. Prioritize work and communicate updates to the rest of the team in real time. Set limits to what sellers can see, giving you optimized buy-side control.

Streamline One-to-one Deals

Speed up all aspects of buyer due diligence on one-to-one deals. And give the seller tightly controlled access to upload and organize relevant deal documents. That saves you hours of manually uploading and organizing documents on their behalf.

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