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The need for a secure file sharing platform doesn’t stop when your financial transaction does. Stay share-ready while protecting your most sensitive information with our best-in-class data room technology.

Secure File Sharing | Warehousing | Audits | Board Communications
  • Rapid entry. Navigate quickly to projects old and new on our Landing Page. Rely on our robust OCR search to find what you’re looking for in the data room immediately.
  • Secure file sharing. Exchange sensitive information safely with our granular document and user permissions and Q&A tracker built into the VDR.
  • Track document activity. See who’s accessing which documents and for how long in the data room with advanced analytics.
  • Redact efficiently. Redact and unredact documents easily from the comfort of your own VDR. Leverage Redaction AI’s PII pattern recognition technology to tackle GDPR / CCPA compliance at scale and save 80%+ in time and money.
  • One source of truth. Enable knowledge transfer and mitigate data loss risks by retaining your data room after transaction close. Audit trails protect against future litigation.  

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