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Datasite Outreach

Improve Deal Marketing Efficiency by 75%

Deal marketing is a mission critical part of mergers & acquisitions, but 60% of dealmakers say the process is inefficient and overly manual. The fact is, finding the right buyers for an asset sale can be difficult.

Maintaining spreadsheet trackers, manually crafting emails to buyers, and keeping it all together is a time kill. Not to mention locating the right data to help you determine the best counterparties for a deal - it can make or break your process.

Transform Your Deal Marketing Process

Improve every aspect of the M&A deal marketing process and enjoy a more efficient buyer outreach process. Whether you are compiling buyer lists, executing email communication, or managing NDAs, Datasite Outreach is your essential resource for driving deals faster than ever. Additionally, see aggregated analytics all under one hood, giving you a window into new insights on buyers and market trends.

Rapid Project Setup

Set up and manage your deal marketing projects in a single hub. One place for all your projects; one place for all your buyers and contacts. No more making do with multiple Excel trackers in your deal marketing process.

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Centralized Buyer Tracking

Review your project status all in one place. Monitor project health metrics, while searching, filtering, and sorting buyer outreach details for each project.

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Stage Your VDR

Exchange documents with clients, collaborate on deal artifacts like CIMs and Teasers, and move to diligence with one click.

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Streamlined Email & Watermarking

Email one buyer or one hundred, swiftly, with the embedded email engine. Reduce errors with dynamic fields, automatic addressing, and individually watermark/password protect multiple documents in seconds.

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MD Analytics for Senior Bankers

Track every potential buyer across every project, through real-time data. Enabling you to better understand buyer behavior and giving you a new window into market dynamics.

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Maximize Your CRM

Datasite Outreach can connect directly to your CRM - enabling automatic updates to your back-office ecosystem, all while improving intelligence and accelerating engagement to counterparties.

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Sonenshine Case Study

For Sonenshine, the remote work environment offered an opportunity to rethink the tools they use in the M&A process. Learn how they added integrated deal marketing functionality to drive better collaboration.

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Capstone Headwaters

Data is key for Capstone Headwaters. Learn how Datasite Outreach provides their team with the critical data needed for a transaction, with the efficiency tools to enable a successful deal outcome.

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Transform Your Deal Marketing Process

Compiling buyer lists, creating, sending and tracking emails, managing NDAs, you can do it all in one place. Automation does the heavy lifting. Staying on top of everything is easy too. All of your analytics are aggregated so you can see what’s happening at a glance. Reporting becomes a breeze. We call it Datasite Outreach and it’s part of your M&A tool set.

Tools for the Entire M&A Lifecycle

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