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The solution for all your M&A deals

Whether you’re marketing your deal or closing, or anything in between. The more control you have and the less you have to do has got to be good! That’s where we started when we put together a Virtual Data Room to address the entire deal landscape. A VDR with due diligence at its heart but, with so much more besides.

We created four core components to make your deal making life a little easier and your deals move a lot faster! We did it by listening closely to more than 2,000 people just like you. Take a look.

Data rooms to suit you

Corporate Development

When you’re building tomorrows, restructuring, refinancing, divesting or acquiring, you need space to work. 

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Investment Banking

As a boutique, middle market or bulge bracket banker, you can create real momentum in your deals with Datasite. 

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Law Firms

Complete, reliable audit tracking and airtight security, all at pace. You’ll find all of these things and more in Datasite.

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Private Equity

Use Datasite to maintain a state of readiness for your entire portfolio and be ready to move mountains at a moments notice.

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Energy & Power

With a Datasite VDR you get the tools to reengineer, restructure, refinance or simply re-evaluate your position.

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Financial Institutions

Maintaining integrity means absolute security with total transparency.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

From the development of a vaccine for a global pandemic to divestitures and acquisitions, the healthcare landscape has never been so challenging to navigate.

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Sensitive information, carve-outs, fundraising, inorganic growth or bankruptcy, we’ve been helping people like you for over 25 years.

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Technology, Media & Telecom

From ARPU to GDPR. Understanding the nuances of your life has driven many of the capabilities we’ve built into our VDR technology.

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Why do dealmakers choose Datasite?

Unparalleled expertise

Trust the industry's top experts. We've been an integral part of the M&A industry for decades. That's expertise we can share, to help you close deals, faster.

Powerful technology

Make Datasite your own. From automated redaction to streamlined Q&A. From eye-opening analytics to branded reporting. These are the tools to keep your deal moving.

Ironclad security

Protect your data with the best security in the business. Whether it's user access, data at rest, or data in transit, we've got you covered.

Unmatched service

Enjoy first-class support, anywhere in the world. All day, every day. In 18 languages. Whatever you need, you can be sure we'll never leave you hanging. 

  • Datasite for You

    The Datasite value is unique to each customer. Tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll propose a solution that drives the greatest ROI for you and/or your client.

  • Datasite Help Center

    Questions about Datasite, M&A, or Data Rooms? We have the answers for you.

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