Streamline Fundraising

Easily share essential documents with prospective investors and LPs. Measure key document readership to gauge investor engagement. Streamline investor information flow while you focus on investor relationships.

Fundraise with confidence and stay in control with Datasite.

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    Let your buy-side deal team collaborate easily. Design the index to suit your approach to due diligence – not the seller’s. And unearth findings through the intuitive dashboard.

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    Manage content easily. Share information securely with restructuring/refinancing lenders, advisors and your deal team. Datasite simplifies processes and secures your sensitive data, so you can negotiate the best deal for your portfolio company.

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    File Sharing

    Ensure speed, security and accuracy when managing file sharing between portfolio companies and deal teams. Spend less time chasing financial and operational information, and more time deal-making.

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    Exit Preparation

    Be deal-ready. Index and categorize deal documents quickly with specialist AI. Save countless hours preparing documents for redaction. And get to diligence with buyers in a single click.

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    Deal Marketing

    Take control of your deal marketing and make a real connection with potential buyers. Datasite Outreach gives you an invaluable hub for all your projects. Enjoy efficient workflows, accurate and up-to-date information, and trouble-free setup.

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    Set up your data room quickly and blaze through redaction to go live with buyers fast. Manage questions easily with Q&A. Support decisions with robust analytics and reporting. Spot high-interest buyers and close successfully.

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