Closing the Deal

Readiness to close a deal begins on day one of the deal lifecycle. Datasite has worked with law firms for over 25 years to effectively position for this final phase of transaction management while while working through legal due diligence.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Access logs, compliance archives, or custom copies – easily gather this information using self-service tools in the data room or by contacting our expert project management team 24/7/365.

  • Secure repository

    Datasite offers customers multiple ways to digitally warehouse or archive transaction files after the deal. We’ll work with you and your clients to find the best solution for future access.

Achieve your client's objectives

  • Asset Sale
    Manage large volumes of files and engage all stakeholders without the pain.
  • Capital raising
    Securely share important information for debt and equity financing: including IPOs.
  • Asset purchase
    Enable agility with bespoke buy-side tools for collaboration and management.
  • Restructuring

    Streamline complex workflows and content management for restructuring, administration, and insolvency.

Datasite for Law Firms

More than a VDR. Learn how Datasite positions law firms to move forward with confidence at every stage of the dealmaking lifecycle.

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