Prepare™ - Data Room Prep

Perfect your deal prep.

Permissions, AI, Redaction, User Management. Datasite Prepare is loaded with the tools you need to prep your next transaction efficiently and quickly.

You also get our M&A experts working as an extension of your team. An extra pair of hands to help invite users, organize file structures.

Be deal ready, every time

  • Let AI do the organizing

    Accelerate deal preparation using Datasite’s machine learning engine trained on over 3 million documents. Obtain categorization suggestions. Find associated documents.

  • Embed your diligence checklists

    Keep the deal in sync between deal teams and sellers with Trackers. Build your sandbox from the tracker, monitor the gathering of files, and ensure all relevant documents are there by project launch.

  • Preview and translate deal files

    Unsure of where a file belongs? Hover over it, review the first page, and confirm it belongs. Get a quick translation for multi-lingual deals.

  • Upgrade your redaction process

    Deal preparedness is incomplete without GDPR compliance, removal of sensitive information and PII security considerations. Redaction has you covered. Un/Mark texts or areas with a powerful OCR engine. Get to due diligence faster.

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    Transition to VDR

    As soon as you are ready to launch your due diligence cycle. Open the VDR. Permission users. Activate project success. All in one ironclad secure cloud platform.

Why an M&A platform?

One source of truth - deals transition seamlessly from one stage to another. Whether you are running a buyside or sell side process – all your deal information stays is in one secure platform. So you can execute deal marketing while starting due diligence in one place. Gain greater efficiencies by reusing buyer lists, trackers and index structures so your deal is up in minutes instead of hours or days. Then you have greater insight across all your deals – so you can focus on getting the next deal. All this while still having access to all the powerful tools you love in our Prepare and Diligence applications like AI categorization and indexing, redaction and deal analytics.

What to look for in a Data Room

Datasite Prepare offers all the tools you need for deal prep, without a Service Agreement. Redaction and AI Smart Tools save you days of deal prep so you get to Diligence faster.

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