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Imagine closing deals in a fraction of the time. Eliminating friction. Minimizing risk. Completing deal marketing 75% faster. Loading your data room in advance. Automating much of due diligence. Handling acquisitions your way.

Imagine dealing with a full deck of M&A capabilities. All your tools next to each other. Support right next to you. So that every success is a springboard to the next one. It’s time to deal in next.

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  • Unique expertise

    We’ve been right inside the engine of M&A for decades. The expertise and experience we’ve gathered is there to drive your success, so you can close more deals, more quickly.

  • Powerful technology

    Burdensome tasks become effortlessly automated. Deal marketing, document indexing, redaction (and un-redaction), analytics, reporting and more. AI learns as you use it, getting smarter and smoother.

  • Ironclad security

    Protect your data with the best security in the business. Whether it's user access, data at rest, or data in transit, we've got you covered.

  • Unmatched service

    Enjoy first-class support, anywhere in the world. All day, every day. In 20 languages. Just tap, type or talk to reach M&A experts who truly care about your deal.

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