Outreach™ - Deal Marketing

Market your deal 75% faster today.

Find your next buyer up to 75% faster. Reach all potential bidders in one bulk email send. Track your deal marketing progress at every step.

One source of truth for all deal activities and data. Gain insights for future deals. All while seamlessly executing the next phase of your deal.

Accelerate your deal. Get real time analytics and insights

Save your team's time and get deal marketing done faster. Forecast future deals and optimize your process.
  • Import hundreds of buyers in seconds

    Get up and running in minutes by importing your companies and contacts with drag and drop.

  • Automate your emails

    Email one buyer or a hundred at once. Every message customized, watermarked and password protected. Build them all in moments from your template. Minimize human errors and save days of work.

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    Track buyers in one place

    Track everything happening in your deal marketing process on one single platform. Get real-time updates on deal milestones and buyer engagement. Manage reporting under one source of truth. Export up-to-the minute data with one click.

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    Connect to your Data Room

    Execute deal marketing while organizing your due diligence set. Prepare your data room. Then just click to start due diligence.

  • Leadership insights

    Deal teams need an even more in-depth perspective. Leverage data that lets you track every potential buyer, across every project. Understand buyer behavior, deal probability and market dynamics as never before.

  • Unleash your CRM's potential

    Integrate with your CRM and mine historical data to yield rich analytics on buyers and projects. You’ll get never-before-seen intelligence on your deal marketing process. Meanwhile, get reporting straight back into your CRM, for all-round greater visibility.

Why an M&A platform?

Greater efficiencies with familiar tools. Greater insights across deals from one source of truth. Trusted resources from real people, in your language. Immediately. So you can focus on getting the next deal.

You gain greater efficiencies by reusing buyer lists from previous deals, starting with a buyer tracker tailored to your team and having the data room ready to go as soon as your buyers are. You also get historical buyer analytics across all your deals - so you can forecast future deals.

Whether you are running a buyside or sell side process, asset sales or fundraising – All aspects of your deal are managed through one secure platform. Concurrently. Effectively.

What to look for in a deal marketing platform

Bulk email and bulk watermarking, automated email tools that cut manual work and repetitive tasks. A central hub to track all your buyers in one place. Insights to help you forecast future deals. Getting you to market faster and stronger.

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