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Learn more about Diligence can help you save weeks on your next deal.

Diligence™ - Data Room

Save weeks. Use the next level data room.

Remove barriers to success with end-to-end due diligence tools built for today’s deal makers. Fly through preparation with AI automation designed for M&A, instant translations, pre-built deal templates and checklists. 

Stay on top of your deal with embedded Q&A, real-time analytics and an intuitive mobile app to follow deal activity wherever you are. All inside in the Datasite Cloud platform, so your deal flows smoothly from one stage to the next.

Best-in-class Diligence™ capabilities

Set up and execute diligence faster using tools designed just for M&A.
  • Load content easily

    Copy tried-and-true project assets like checklists, user lists, folder structures, and more, saving hours. Drag and drop your files or folders into Datasite. Enable select users to email files to the project via the Inbox. Our bulk edit tools make it fast to prep your files.

  • bullet-user.png
    Manage access and collaborate securely

    Permission your users to suit your needs with our intuitive security settings. Delegate data room work like user management and redaction using the feature access settings. Leverage Teams to assign tasks with our integrated data room checklist tool.

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    Ask and answer questions in a snap with integrated Q&A

    Manage Q&A within the data room. Receive questions directly from documents, the dashboard, or an import from Excel. Quickly and easily set up question and answer teams, question categories, and approval workflows. Elevate common questions and responses to the FAQ section. Easily export everything to Excel.

  • Redact in a snap with AI

    Redact in-line or automate redaction to save time and reduce complexity versus using 3rd party tools. Do it all in Diligence.

    Go live with buyers faster, and when exclusive ones emerge, you can unredact in seconds. 

  • Search in 16 languages

    With our OCR, get accurate search results no matter what language a document is in.

  • Track engagement with Analytics

    Watch which reviewers are accessing which files, and when. Drill in to detail with near real-time reporting. Add custom dashboards. Schedule and send metrics to key stakeholders

Why an M&A platform?

One source of truth - deals transition seamlessly from one stage to another. Whether you are running a buyside or sell side process – all your deal information stays is in one secure platform. So you can execute deal marketing while starting due diligence in one place. Gain greater efficiencies by reusing buyer lists, trackers and index structures so your deal is up in minutes instead of hours or days. Then you have greater insight across all your deals – so you can focus on getting the next deal. All this while still having access to all the powerful tools you love in Datasite Diligence like AI categorization and indexing, redaction and deal analytics.

What to look for in a data room

Datasite's Diligence application is the only data room to offer Redaction, Q&A, Analytics and Smart Tool features, effectively becoming an essential tool for every aspect of M&A Due Diligence instead of just a secure repository.

Why Datasite is a trusted partner

Don't just take our word for it. Discover for yourself how other dealmakers have succeeded with Datasite.

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