Acquire™ - Buy-side Data Room

The world's first buy-side platform puts you in control.

Why struggle with a sell-side data room? Mastermind your deals with due diligence tools made especially for buyers. Create your own deal space, invite sellers in, and cut deal times by an average of 30%.

Your playbook, your workflows. Enjoy seamless collaboration inside a secure place. With built-in trackers, AI automation, and integrated Q&A, your buy-side deals just got easier.

Best-in-class Acquire™ tools

Reduce buy-side deal times by 22 days with trusted technology and repeatable workflows made for buyers.
  • Consolidate checklists with trackers

    Our easy-to-use trackers tool centralizes all your diligence checklists. In a few clicks, upload a ready-made checklist or reuse a past template. With AI automation and tools to instantly sync documents, jumpstart every deal.

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    Set and control access easily

    Give your sellers tightly controlled access to directly upload and organize relevant deal documents, saving you hours. Quickly and easily set permissions on what sellers can view.

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    Communicate using buyer-led Q&A

    When questions arise during due diligence, no need to play email tag. Keep the conversation records in one secure place. Establish question and answer teams, create filterable question categories, set approval workflows, and collaborate on the go using the mobile app.

  • Minimize due diligence surprises via findings

    More than 48% of dealmakers say that distilling findings is one of the hardest parts of M&A. Boost transparency and speed up reviews with our integrated, easy-to-use findings tool. Your team is equipped with a concise, standardized format.

  • Know your deal’s status from the dashboard

    Keep your deal team aligned with shared visibility of your progress. Get real-time team updates and create custom reports. Track project activity and analytics at the document, user, or workstream level.

Why an M&A platform?

One source of truth - deals transition seamlessly from one stage to another. Whether you are running a buy-side or sell-side process – all your deal information stays in one secure platform. So you can build your future deals today while successfully closing your current acquisition, all in one place. Gain greater efficiencies by reusing buyer lists, trackers and index structures so your deal is up in minutes instead of hours or days. Then you have greater insight across all your deals – so you can focus on getting the next deal. With access to applications like Acquire, take the complexity out of your buy-side deals with dynamic tools like trackers, findings, Q&A, and a real-time dashboard, all in a centralized location.

What to look for in a buy-side data room

For your most complex financial and operational buy-side strategies, never default to manual processes again. It's time to take control.

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