March 01, 2021

Market Spotlight: German M&A and COVID-19

Although COVID-19 played havoc with the M&A markets in EMEA last year, they ultimately proved resilient, with deal value for the year was only 1% down on 2019. Germany was a big reason for this success, as the fourth-highest bidder by value (€39,220m) and volume (721 deals) overall in 2020. Moreover, this held true across almost every sector (Deal Drivers: EMEA FY 2020).

Our interview with Michael Drill, Managing Director, CEO, Germany, Lincoln International provides a first-hand account of how the crisis has affected dealmaking in Germany, from the types and volumes of deals to the way they are being done, including:

  • Expectations for M&A when COVID-19 began
  • How the crisis has affected work
  • Trends for M&A in 2021
  • How Datasite can help you succeed in M&A

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