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Master our Redaction tool

Do everything in the Datasite Cloud™ 

All your projects, all in one place. The whole M&A process flowing uninterrupted from one deal to the next. Sell-side and buy-side due diligence, IPOs and more. The Datasite Cloud is where it happens. It’s more than a data room. It’s M&A evolved.

Deal in one secure space. Deal with one source of truth. Deal with every application you could wish for. Deal with state-of-the-art technology. Deal faster. Deal better.

I want to do:

Why choose


  • Expertise

    We have delivered M&A for over 50 years. We have 3m+ unique users across 170 countries. We’ve enabled over 100,000 transactions, and host nearly a billion pages of content per year. Our unique understanding of M&A challenges drives our innovation to solve them.

  • Security

    Security comes first. In everything we do. It’s embedded at every level: platform, processes, and people. Our standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC2 Type II, AES 256, TLS 1.2, SSO, MFA, IRM) speak for themselves. Giving you the confidence to seal deals.

  • Technology

    The technology you need. The dependability your deals demand. Real M&A experience goes into every tool we create for you. We anticipate tomorrow’s challenges and bring you the answers today. Our innovations follow your lead, while lighting your way.

  • Service

    Service means expert help. And a human voice. We are there for you, any day, any hour, anywhere in the world. Our award-winning support team speaks over 20 languages – and we all speak M&A. For everything from light troubleshooting to heavy lifting, just tap, type, or talk.

Datasite is where deals are made

By giving you the means to do your best. Removing the burdens that drain time and resources. Unlocking the maximum potential of your team. Focusing all your energies on one target: the next deal.

Use the platform built directly from dealmakers’ expertise. Deal in the way you always wanted and achieve real M&A momentum.

Datasite is best for:

  • Analysts & Associates

    Automate the tasks that cause friction, error and delay.

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  • Project leads

    Integrate the many processes of a deal and run them all from one dashboard.

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  • Senior executives

    Escalate your growth through agility, responsiveness, and best-in-class M&A technology.

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Highlights of the Datasite Cloud


Track deal progress from every angle. Measure engagement, monitor team activity, and identify potential issues early. Triple-check permissions. Save hours with the versatile reporting features, including custom templates and scheduled report delivery. Always have the complete picture.

Search & AI

Search your whole data room at the text level and across language barriers – find the equivalent word or phrase in up to 23 languages. Categorizing files is just as easy and quick – the AI parses each one and suggests the best location.


Keep everyone on the same page with one central checklist that syncs to your file room. No more using lots of unconnected tools – just upload your Excel checklist or use our templates. Generate your folder structure from your tracker. Link to folders, files and findings. Control access down to the row level.


Redact data room content in moments. Hide specific words, phrases (even with punctuation), images, and data types (e.g. names, addresses, currencies). Just set parameters and let the AI do the hard work. Tag redactions by reason, so you can selectively unredact in bulk when you’re ready.


One central space to store, manage, and answer buyers’ questions. Receive questions directly via the dashboard, from documents, or import from Excel. Set up Q&A teams, question categories, and approval workflows, and create an FAQ section. Export everything to Excel as needed.


Use the Datasite Cloud from a huge range of devices: desktop, laptop, phone, tablet – even your smart watch. Deal anywhere. Download for iOS on the App Store or for Android on the Google Play Store.

Who uses Datasite and why?

You’ll find our customers everywhere. Companies chasing growth. Corporations expanding. Legal and financial firms advising on M&A. And more. All across the globe.

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