Deal Drivers: Southeast Asia & India Q1 2020

A spotlight on mergers and acquisitions trends in Q1 2020

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According to Deal Drivers: Southeast Asia and India Q1 2020, M&A activity across Southeast Asia and India in the first quarter was quiet but lucrative compared with the latter part of 2019.

The report revealed that deal volume was down almost 18% compared to the previous quarter, but value jumped 40% over the same period.

Highlights from the report include:

  • The jump in deal value was propelled in large part by a slew of deals worth in excess of US$500m
  • The 3 largest deals of the quarter came from consumer, real estate and transportation
  • Singapore suffered the most decline in deals in the region
  • Thailand logged an almost fourfold increase in cumulative deal value, with Tesco and Trusts leading the way
  • India dominated the largest PE transactions of Q1
  • COVID-19 has begun to take hold – less than 40% of announced deals in Q1 have been completed
  • A special focus on cross-border deal flows indicate while activity has slowed, it has not stopped completely as the crisis generates potential opportunities for the more resilient companies


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