2020 6月 04

Deal Drivers: DACH 2020

In partnership with Mergermarket

M&A in DACH appears to have weathered the COVID-19 crisis better than many of its neighbors. Our latest Deal Drivers spotlight report focuses on M&A trends in DACH, and examines the state of the market and what lies ahead. Notably:


  • Total M&A value in Q1 2020 was €68bn, but saw a 56% decrease in volume and a 43% drop in value in April 2020, compared to April 2019.

  • The industrials and chemicals sector was by far the largest in terms of M&A value in Q1, at €31.5bn, and also tops in terms of volume.

  • PE demonstrated firepower in Q1, securing the largest deal of the year, the €17.2bn sale of Thyssenkrupp’s elevators business, as well as half of the top ten largest deals.

Read the full report to learn more, including the top deals and bidders, future challenges, and sector-specific information.

For more about EMEA M&A trends, download our Deal Drivers EMEA FY19 report and Deal Drivers: United Kingdom Q1 2020.



Deal Drivers: APAC Q1 2021

APAC地域は、新型コロナウイルスがほぼ収束し、経済回復の見通しについても楽観的な希望に満ちた雰囲気で2021年を迎えました。今回の「Deal Drivers: APAC Q1 2021」レポートは、各セクターの振り返りや今後の予測などをご紹介いたします。

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M&Aの新たな状況: オーストラリアとニュージーランド

オーストラリア&ニュージーランドのM&A実務担当者の多くは、今後5年間で、テクノロジーによってディリジェンスプロセスにおける分析能力やセキュリティが向上することを期待しています。本レポートでは、M&A実務者の声を紹介しています(「M&Aの新潮流 - オーストラリア・ニュージーランド」)。

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Deal Drivers APAC FY 2020

このDeal Driver APAC FY 2020レポートは、APAC地域の今後の見通などの情報をご提供します。

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ディールドライバー: APAC地域2020年第3四半期


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Deal Drivers APAC FY19

Mergermarket’s in-depth review of M&A across the Asia Pacific region throughout 2019, including heat charts, sector performance, trends, and league tables.

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ディールドライバー:注目市場 日本


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Deal Drivers: Southeast Asia & India Q1 2020

Published in collaboration with Mergermarket, this Deal Drivers report revealed that deal volume across Southeast Asia and India was down almost 18% in Q1 2020 compared to the previous quarter, but value jumped 40% over the same period.

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アジア太平洋地域のヘルスケアとライフサイエンスの M&Aの成功を確実なものに


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Deal Drivers: Australia & New Zealand 2020

Australia and New Zealand have been among the countries most lauded for their COVID-19 response, with rapid measures preventing widespread outbreaks of the disease. Nonetheless, as is the case elsewhere, the shutdown has made a severe economic impact, which the region could find challenging to bounce back from. Learn more about the trends that will enable M&A recovery down under in this new report.

Deal Drivers: Mainland China 2020

The outbreak of coronavirus at the end of 2019 and the subsequent lockdown measures taken in China during the first quarter of 2020 had a major cooling effect on M&A activity in the country. Read this report and learn about the top deals, activities, and trends driving dealmaking across China.

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The Future of Transaction Management: Corporate Challenges & Solutions

In this report, we sought to better understand what corporate dealmakers’ roles look like from the inside out, including the projects they work on, challenges they face, and tools they employ. The results may surprise you.

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The New State of M&A: An Americas Perspective

For all the advances that have been made, just how digitally mature and technologically sophisticated is the M&A, due diligence and asset marketing process for practitioners across the Americas? Find out in this comprehensive report.

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The New State of M&A: An EMEA Perspective

Covering the M&A lifecycle, due diligence, asset marketing, and restructuring, our new report reveals what the process looks like for EMEA practitioners today and in the future, and how much of it can and should be automated and in what areas.

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Deal Drivers AMERICAS HY 2020

It’s an unprecedented time for M&A in the Americas. COVID-19 has disrupted the entire region, and M&A activity fell sharply in the first half of the year. Already though, trends have begun to emerge that offer clues about the trajectory of the recovery in different countries and industries.

Easing the Financial Strain from COVID-19: 5 Ways Hospitals and Other Healthcare Organizations Can Overcome Their Biggest Transacton Management Challenges

In this guide, we takea look at the top transaction management challenges that hospitals and healthcare providers are facing, and five ways to leverage technology to help navigate uncertain financial times.

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アジア太平洋地域ディール推進要因 2020年上半期


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Deal Drivers EMEA HY 2020

Our new Deal Drivers report takes a close look at M&A in H1 2020 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Published in partnership with Mergermarket, this report provides insight into key trends, and region and sector activity.

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Embracing Change: Legal Dealmakers Market Report

We interviewed hundreds of legal advisors working in M&A about the challenges they face in buy-side and sell-side transactions and how they’re overcoming them.

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Deal Drivers: South America H1 2020

With countries across the continent largely in lockdown, economic activity slowed significantly and practical difficulties such as restrictions on travel and meetings represented basic obstacles to dealmaking.

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Latin America Market Resilience Report

What does a market comeback look like? Download the summary report from our recent LATAM Market Resilience panel for a look at 6 factors shaping the recovery.

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Canada Market Resilience Report

As Canada’s businesses come back online, what are some overlooked factors that will shape the recovery? Download the summary report now from our recent live panel on Canada Market Resilience.

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U.S. Market Resilience Report

As businesses in the U.S. come back online, what will recovery look like? Download the summary report from our recent U.S. Market Resilience webinar and read about the top overlooked trends on the front lines of the recovery.

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Deal Drivers: Nordics 2020

M&A activity in the Nordics declined in Q1 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic accelerated. Has the disruption sunk hopes of a 2020 rebound in Nordic dealmaking? Find out in our latest spotlight report.

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M&A 業界の最新動向レポート:グローバル編


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Deal Drivers: Mexico H1 2020

As the Mexican economy begins emerging from COVID-19 lockdown, dealmakers have plenty of questions about what comes next. Reviewing the numbers from last quarter, we can already start to see answers. Learn more in the Mexico H1 Deal Drivers Report.

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Deal Drivers: Italy, Spain & Portugal 2020

With much of Italy, Spain and Portugal locked down since early March, pursuing M&A activity has been challenging on both strategic and practical levels. How will M&A in the region fare going forward? Find out in our latest spotlight report.

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Deal Drivers: Hong Kong 2020

A spotlight on mergers and acquisitions trends in Hong Kong between January and May 2020, published in collaboration with Mergermarket. Read the report and learn about the activities and trends that are driving M&A deals as Hong Kong gets ahead of the curve in readiness for a new normal in the second half of the year.

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Deal Drivers: Brazil Q1 2020

Just a few months ago, Brazil’s economy looked to be on a historic upswing. Now, a global pandemic and political uncertainty are shaking up dealmakers’ best-laid plans. Get the details in the latest Deal Drivers Report for Brazil (Q1).

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Deal Drivers: Canada Q1 2020

Market conditions are shifting the playing field for Canadian businesses. With high levels of household debt and a natural resources-dependent economy, what may the road to recovery look like? Find out in the latest Datasite report.

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Deal Drivers: France Q1 2020

Our new Deal Drivers spotlight report focuses on M&A trends in France in Q1 2020, and examines the state of the market, the impact of COVID-19 on transactions, and what lies ahead.

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Deal Driver's: United States Market Spotlight Report

Market conditions are shifting the playing field for U.S. businesses, as companies in every industry reevaluate their core strategy. What should you expect in the coming months? Find out in the latest Datasite report.

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Deal Drivers: United Kingdom Q1 2020

How is UK M&A weathering the current economic conditions? What were the biggest deals and in which sectors in Q1 2020? How is the leisure sector faring in these tough conditions? Find out all this and much more in our latest Deal Drivers spotlight report.

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