2020 9月 10

3 Pro Tips for Easing the Burden of Managing Transactions

By Steve J. Tie Shue, Sr. Director - Product Marketing


As pundits debate the sustainability of positive trends in the market and the ultimate shape of our post-lockdown recovery, one thing remains true for dealmakers – the need for speed. For those charged with leading financial transactions – asset sales, divestitures, capital raising, restructuring, etc. – the prospect of managing the deal team and other relevant stakeholders while meeting target deadlines often seems elusive at best. Here are a few pointers to help transaction managers maintain the requisite swagger needed to move through the deal lifecycle as a winner. Quickly.

1. Delegation doesn’t need to give you anxiety

Sometimes the fastest way to get a job done is with the help of others. We learn this in our formative years – but confidentiality and security concerns historically made it difficult to extend this life lesson to data rooms. Not so with Datasite.

Project admins (aka transaction managers) can assign and restrict access to content and feature sets at both the user and document level. This means you can divide and conquer making the data room share-ready with another admin – enjoying AI/ML-enabled indexing and document categorization that reduces work times by up to 40% along the way – and then immediately assign users to specific content folders or functional teams.

My favorite task to delegate? Redaction. Datasite’s integrated suite of redaction tools – including bulk redaction and reason categorization – nets deal teams up to 60% in productivity gains for what our clients consistently flag as one of their most dreaded due diligence tasks.

2. Sometimes it is as simple as checking your email

We get it. There are too many applications, too many logins, and not enough time or mental capacity to keep track of it all.

Say goodbye to needing to log into your laptop to access your inbox to download files to a hard drive or SharePoint before uploading it to a data room – wasting countless hours better spent on higher-value work. Exclusive to Datasite, project admins and their delegates can email any file they need to share with the deal team directly to the data room. Get it all done from any device in a few simple clicks – anytime, anywhere.

You know what else you can manage from your email? Custom analytics. Datasite can automatically deliver a recurring insights report – with custom branding of logos, colors, and font of your choosing – capturing the data room information you need at the frequency you want. Hourly, daily, weekly – you pick. Building deal management reports has never been easier.

3. You can net time savings in unexpected places

Remember when I said delegation doesn’t have to instill anxiety? Let me introduce you to Datasite’s new in-app document translation feature – a secret weapon for organizing data rooms. Available to admins and users of their choosing, any document in the data room can be previewed in more than twenty languages. No need to unnecessarily send documents off to a translation service before determining its general relevance to the deal. Admins can also easily track the number of files translated and the most popular language translations using Datasite analytics.

Uncertainty is expected and accepted in dealmaking – even in the most booming markets. Inertia and sluggishness are not. Datasite can’t control the market impact of a global pandemic but it positions you to respond with speed and accuracy.

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